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Roblox Summary:

Once you create an account, you choose your character. Or you can use some money to buy Robux and get better clothes and stuff*.

After that, you can play games and buy games(Usually just 25 Robux). The game is basically like a giant game full of minigames.

*One game I play is Bloxburg(cost money) and I accidentally bought a DJ equipment for 400 ROBUX! That’s a lot of money.

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Fornite Summary:

I mean, I don’t play it that often but, the objective is to kill as many players, all while staying in the circle away from the “Poisonous Storm”, and be the #1 Victory Royale.

You can also buy skins and dances to use during the game/round.

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YouTube Summary:

If you don’t know what YouTube is, then you have no life. It is where you can watch ANYTHING. Gaming vids. Vlogs. Vines. Pranks. News. Trailers. Anything you want, it’s on YouTube. That’s all.


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LanSchool Student

All of a sudden there is a blue and yellow screen with words that say “Eyes to the front of the board” In bright white. You try to click out of it but you can’t so you just sit there while the teacher, in their chair, smirks at you.

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The teacher can go on to a downloaded app (LanSchool) to view what you’re doing. You can try to delete LanSchool Student, but it just comes back no matter what. As a student, I hate it. Sometimes. I was waiting in ELA class for a peer-evaluator, and I finished early so I was exploring the Google apps. That three by three box in the corner of a new tab, right? I saw Google World and clicked on it because I heard about a cool looking place somewhere (off topic, sorry) and wanted to check it out. I was searching through and then a tiny box appears for no reason(at least that’s what I thought) and I click out of it. Big mistake. It appears again and I read it this time, wondering why this box as annoying me. “Come to see Mrs. Hollman.” said the gray and green box. WHAT! I screamed in my head. I knew I was in trouble so I walked over. Blah blah blah went the teacher and all I heard, in a slow, dark tone, was, “Come in at recess.” I finished eating my Thanksgiving day lunch(I had, like, 5 pumpkin pie slices) and went upstairs. Then I got one of the worst new in my LIFE. You… Have… To… Email… Your… Parents. And I thought that was all but, NO! And… Your… Teachers! I died today.

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Homework in Different Classes

I am in 5th grade now. That means more homework, right? Sometimes. This year I learned that different classes have different amounts of homework. My ELA (English Language Arts) class gives me no homework. Just see the folder. Absolutely empty. Then we talk about S/SS (Science/Social Studies), I would say it is sometimes. My teacher for S/SS, Mrs. Rebholtz, only gives us homework rarely. Ok, now to talk about math class. *sighs* It’s huge. The folder, really. I mean, I CAN”T EVEN TAKE THE PHOTO BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH THERE IS! Ok.

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Fun, right?

Spoiled Food

Today I came home I smelled something disgusting. We all know that time when we bring a lunch to school then, all of a sudden, it rotted in two seconds. Well that happened today but not to me. My brother brought a lunch to school today and came home with, instead of a banana, a poop looking thing that looked slippery. It smelled like vinegar that was spoiled at threw up a poop that died. My brother threw it away and took out the trash while I started to dance around like a leprechaun spraying Febreze all over the place. 4 hours later….. IT STILL STINKS OF VINEGAR!

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The Art of Getting What You Want

Mom! Can I please get that laser toy! Pleassee!!!!!!!! Everyone wants to hear “yes” when they want something. Hearing “no” makes you want to yell at them and steal it when the shopper isn’t looking. Here is how you get what you want.

First, no whining. No one wants to hear a baby crying for its rattle. GROW UP! Don’t hang on to their leg and punch at it because that’s just going to get them to leave. Secondly, you need to know your opponent, e.g. your mom. KNOW HER WEAKNESS TO BREAK HER DOWN! If that doesn’t work, bribe her and then say, “I forgot, I don’t have money. Sorry.” Do it with the cutest baby voice you can and puppy eyes. Lastly, if none of them work, say your going to buy something educational like a pencil or a bobble-head toy of Stephen Hawking.

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Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers

Wahoo! We’re going to McDonalds! Those fatty burgers and oily fries, everyone’s dream. but what is in those burgers of yours? Beef is what kind of meat they tell everyone but who knows, maybe it’s sheep or horse, you never know. And that other stuff like pickles, ketchup, cheese, all those ingredients may be your 800 carbs and diabetes in one meal. Everyone wants a piece of that (sarcasm, you know…)! Don’t get me started with Burger King… yeesh!

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